Hi there! I'm a long-time Oni fan and this is my home base on the Internet. I moderate on the fandom's forum and Discord server, run the Oni Mod Depot, maintain the Anniversary Edition project, and in my spare time I work on tools and multiplayer for Oni.

If you have a question or need some help, you can e-mail me at [my name]@yahoo.com. My YouTube page has a number of Oni-related videos. If you got here by accident and want the Oni community, go check out the community portal page.
Coding Work
Below are all the (modern, released) projects I have coded myself or to which I've contributed. My Oni-related projects tend to be hosted on Oni fan domains, with all other projects on GitHub. All command-line scripts are written for the Bash shell that ships with the latest version of macOS.
CommandScanner: A shell script validator that lets you know if you used a program that isn't built into the macOS shell.
DiffScanner: An interactive shell script for comparing two directories of text files.
Export Adium Chatlogs: Converts Adium chat logs to standard formats (comes with RTF converter).
Launch arguments for games, a feature I contributed to PCSX2.
ScriptPicker: A cool text-based assistant for choosing which script to run from a collection of scripts.
ShellFinder: Shell scripts for finding and managing files based on their names or their content.
Small scripts: Around 40 handy shell scripts for various purposes.
Oni2.net SVN
AE Setup: The setup app for the Anniversary Edition Installer on Macs.
oni2aslpt: A toolkit for loading the hidden levels in the leaked developer build of Oni 2.
ps2launchargs: A toolkit for passing launch arguments to PS2 game binaries (superseded by my PCSX2 contribution above).
Validate External Links: A shell script for validating large numbers of external links on a wiki.
Oni Mod Depot
Oni Mac Services: Some macOS Automator workflows for working with .oni files and making Windows-friendly ZIP files.
Oni WinToMac: A shell script for converting the Windows Oni game data to Mac Oni's game data format.
Oni 2 (Angel Studios) Screenshots
When the developer build of Oni 2 leaked, I played through each level and took screenshots (see my YouTube account, linked above, for video). The screenshots in the following directory are linked to from the Oni 2 article on our wiki, but they can also be browsed directly.
Image gallery listing
Vector Traces
I remastered the 'O' icon that has been used for Mac OS X builds of Oni since 2001. The Intel Mac build already uses this larger version of the icon, but you can download full-screen renderings and the original vector version of the icon here.
Larger Oni icon for macOS
When I was new to the Oni commmunity, I began vector-tracing some of the rougher, smaller concept art from Oni, sometimes adding or correcting details, and then adding color if it wasn't already present. I soon got caught up in other Oni projects and only finished the first couple planned pieces. There are JPEG versions of the two finished pieces on the wiki here, but you can download the original vector version of them here, as well as see the unfinished piece I left off with.
Konoko Vivant
Feature Comparisons
The following two pages take an illustrated look at how Oni, despite its strengths, was missing some notable features that other games of the time were shipping with. Currently the two sample games used for comparison are FAKK2 (released 08/2000) and Rune (released 10/2000).
Mobility (3.5MB page)
Texturing & Lighting (15MB page)